UK Countrylife Homedelivery service will maintain its delivery service despite fuel shortage, David Rose from said today, when the fuel for the van run’s out we will saddle up the horse’s on the farm and set up our delivery service on horse back.

There are many older people in villages and towns who can not get to the shops.

We have been talking to farmers around the county who will help with a pony express.

We fully support the farmers protesting against the fuel prices , and by hoof or by truck we will deliver.

Within UK Countrylife we aim to promote environmental farm practice while still creating sustainable profit for the producer, providing consumers with up to date information on fresh farm produce, as part of the education of how food is and should be produced. Providing access to fresh healthy food though local delivery to Hospitals, Schools, Homes, Food Clubs.

Establish local drop of points including Shops. Post Offices, and places of work.

Business is carried out though web site and, but also with one to one contact on farms by phone and brochure and through our food delivery Service.