Cadbury has taken its Twirl chocolate brand into the sharing category in the UK with the launch of Cadbury Twirl Bites.

The confectioner said the product tapped into the “emerging trend” of consumers having a “big night in”.

It cited Nielsen figures for the year to 18 June that said the UK’s “bite size” category was worth GBP301m (US$491.4m) and growing at 9.8%.

Cadbury said it would spend GBP2.8m on marketing to support the launch of Twirl Bites.

Twirl brand manager Cat Norman said: “The new Cadbury Twirl Bites sharing bag has been designed to address consumer demand for sharing products and to launch Twirl in another occasion. With the Twirl brand in 12% growth and the chocolate single number one on the market, we are confident we can repeat this success with this new format.”