A new advertising campaign has been launched on UK television to promote the company’s new Cadbury Dairy Milk with Crème Egg chocolate bars, as part of a GBP4m (US$7.5m) marketing plan to support the launch of the new product using the strapline “six of one, a half dozen of the other”.
Cadbury Trebor Bassett head of customer relations Mike Tipping said: “Since the launch of Cadbury Dairy Milk with Cream Egg, retail sales are well above expectation and this promises to be the most successful confectionery launch in 2006. 

“The TV focuses purely on the product and allows us to drive awareness in a simple yet compelling way, communicating to viewers the union of Cadbury Dairy Milk and Cadbury Crème Egg in one bar being a real chocolate experience.”
The advert will run until June and will support an on-going marketing plan, including credits on popular UK soap Coronation Street, consumer sampling and PR.