Cadbury Schweppes will enter the UK chewing gum market in the first half of 2007 by launching its Trident brand.  

The confectioner hopes that Trident, which grew by more than 20% in worldwide sales last year, can offer more competition for Wrigley’s – the UK market’s top selling gum.

Cadbury said it holds the second largest gum share in the world at 26% and has the number one position in 18 of the top 50 international gum markets, including France, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Greece and Switzerland.

Cadbury Trebor Bassett managing director Simon Baldry said: “We see massive potential in the UK for Trident. The UK is one of the top ten gum markets in the world but has seen little activity or innovation over the last few years. With our expertise and knowledge of the nation’s confectionery business, we are well positioned to introduce Trident here.”

According to the company, chewing gum is the fastest-growing sector of the confectionery market, ahead of both chocolate and sweets, and is projected to be worth more than GBP10bn for 2006. 

“While confectionery markets around the world are seeing strong performances from gum, this has not been repeated in the UK and we firmly believe our entry can only be good news for this category,” added Baldry.