UK confectioner Cadbury is to return its Snow Flake chocolate bars to the shelves this week, with a £3m (US$2.7m)

Company Profile:

Cadbury Schweppes plc

marketing campaign.

A new model, April Palasthy, has been selected to front the campaign. She will be pictured on advertising hoardings eating a Snow Flake bar with the inevitable ‘come hither’ attitude, beneath a strapline reading “How much would you like this woman’s job?,” reports the Guardian.

The new chocolate bar was the source of controversy last year when TV celebrity Anthea Turner posed with one at her wedding. The allegedly inadvertent publicity stunt caused a mad rush on Snow Flake bars, and factories were unable to keep up with demand. The company was forced to pull the product, which is essentially a white chocolate variant on the Cadbury’s Flake bar, which was first produced in 1911 and remains a perennial favourite.

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