UK confectionery and soft drinks giant Cadbury Schweppes is reported to be considering ending its controversial marketing scheme, in which chocolate wrappers can be collected and exchanged for sports equipment, after receiving criticism from parents and anti-obesity campaigners.

The initiative was due to be repeated next year, but Cadbury has decided to review the campaign, which opponents say encourages children to eat more chocolate, reported the Independent.

Cadbury’s “Get Active” scheme encourages people to collect tokens on chocolate bar wrappers, which schools could then exchange for sports equipment.

“We recognise that the token collection scheme distracted from a great activity programme, which had the support of four out of five parents. So we are reviewing the plans for next year, but will carry on with our commitment to activity, which remains crucially important in the prevention of obesity,” Andrew Cosslett, regional managing director of Cadbury Schweppes, was quoted by the Independent as saying.