It is feared that a dangerous strain of E-coli, 026, has contaminated Camembert cheeses sold by a number of retailers, including Waitrose, the UK’s Food Standards Authority (FSA) announced yesterday afternoon (19 December).

The FSA warned that some strains of E-coli 026 may cause food poisoning and that consumers should not eat cheeses that are at risk of contamination.

The cheeses affected are Reaux’s Gaslonde Camembert, Camembert de Normandie Th. Reaux and Reaux’s Gaslonde Camembert.

The cheeses are made in France by Laiterie Fromagerie du Val d’Ay-Etablissement REAUX and are distributed in the UK by Anthony Rowcliffe & Son Ltd.

The retailers have been informed of the risk and Anthony Rowcliffe & Son has arranged point-of-sale notices to be put up in shops and is taking out advertisements in national newspapers to warn customers of the danger.