Candia UK has launched a marketing campaign for its UHT milk brand Just Milk in a bid to grab a slice of the home-baking market.

The firm is to invest GBP1m (US$1.6m) in a national press advertising and promotional campaign, the firm said yesterday (9 August), as it looks to capitalise on the resurgence in home baking and cooking.

“Our aim is to see more consumers buying Just Milk as a cupboard staple and a cooking ingredient in the same way as sugar and flour,” said Marie Garidou, sales and marketing manager for Candia UK.

“Consumers are actively searching for healthier products such as Just Milk skimmed milk which delivers the same taste as fresh semi-skimmed milk but without the additional calories. Hence our messaging appeals to the health conscious consumer who doesn’t want to compromise on their cooking results.”

Just Milk is available in a bottle format and the company recently revamped its pack graphics to give the brand stronger prominence on-shelf.

Its range includes long-life skimmed, semi-skimmed and whole milk.