Hazlewood Sandwiches and Carbolite Europe have teamed up to develop a range of low-carbohydrate sandwiches.

The range includes four varieties: egg mayonnaise and rocket bloomer; chicken and herb salad bloomer; smoked ham and cheddar bloomer; and prawn mayonnaise. The companies said in a release that all sandwiches have less than 10g net effective carbohydrate via nutritional analysis, compared to an average of 40g in a regular sandwich. The seeded bloomer bread developed for the range contains around 13g available carb per 100g, in contrast with the 45g of standard white bread.

The UK sandwich market is worth more than £3bn (US$5.5bn), and around 3% of people in the UK are believed to be following low-carb diets. This figure is anticipated to increase; 17% of people in the US are following controlled carbohydrate regimes, as AC Nielsen’s Louise Boitolph told just-food.com this week.