Doves Farm foods, the UK cereal maker, is eyeing expansion after investing GBP4.5m (US$5.9m) in a new production plant.

Located next to the firm’s existing facilities in Wiltshire, south-west England, the plant will manufacture Doves Farm cereals – Fibre Flakes, Cereal Flakes, Corn Flakes and Chocolate Stars – under newly-reformulated recipes, which are free from milk as well as gluten.

Doves Farm said it has seen significant growth in the gluten-free cereal category over the past ten years, driven by ‘lifestylers’ and coeliacs seeking healthy options. 
The company said manufacturing the gluten-free cereals in the new dedicated plant will ensure full control of production which eliminates any risk of contamination and therefore the need for so-called ‘alibi labelling’ – meaning more people with specific allergies and diets can eat the cereals.

The building of the plant started in December 2015 and its completion will see Doves Farm Foods move production of the cereals from Italy back to the UK. 

Clare Marriage, Doves Farm Foods’ founder, said: “Consumer interest in both gluten free breakfast cereals with added health and eco benefits and ‘buying British’ has risen massively in recent months. 

“As a leader in the gluten free breakfast cereal category and a family-owned British business, we are keen to grow our presence and impact in this area and know the new plant will give us the chance to do this, whilst allowing us to continue to offer great quality breakfast cereals that are now suitable for an even wider range of diets and allergy sufferers.”

Doves Farm Foods has two brands: Doves Farm and the gluten-free range FREEE by Doves Farm.