US-based yoghurt producer Chobani has secured an appeal over a UK ruling that said it could not sell its products as Greek yoghurt in the country.

A complaint from rival yoghurt producer Fage, which is based in Greece, led the UK High Court to rule against Chobani in March.

Fage, which had secured an interim injunction against Chobani in November, claimed consumers generally believed Greek yoghurt came from Greece and it mattered to shoppers the product was made in the country.

Chobani, which had entered the UK market last autumn, argued the description Greek yoghurt denoted “no clearly identified distinctive class” in the minds of consumers. The appeal will be heard in September.

Since December, Chobani has been selling its yoghurt in the UK as “strained” yoghurt. This week, new-look packaging has gone on sale. Chobani has also added two lines – apple cinnamon and blueberry – to the range.

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