Chupa Chups, the worlds second-biggest confectionary brand, has said that in the coming months it will relaunch Mentos onto the UK market and introduce what the company bills as the first sugar-free chewy mint.

The new sugar-free mint, which will be available in two flavours, contains Xylitol, which is supposedly good for teeth, Retail Weekly reports.

The launch will be supported by a significant marketing campaign, including television advertisements.
Although Mentos has been on the UK market for some time, the product has not received a strong push or significant market support.

The change in strategy follows on from the merger of Mentos owner Perfetti Van Melle with lollipop maker Chupa Chups last year. Chupa Chups has developed a range of ‘better for you’ candy, including the low-calorie Cuore di Frutta lolly with added vitamin C and Cremosa, which contains Zylitol.