Landowners group the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) said today (Friday) that consumers are not getting clear and consistent information when it comes to labels indicating where their food was grown or reared and where it was processed.

At The CLA Game Fair and in its largest Totally Food Show to date, the CLA is calling for a clearer labelling system in the UK so that shoppers can easily and quickly identify exactly what they are buying and its origins.

“There is a heightened consumer interest in the quality of food and much of this depends on where the food was grown or reared and where and how it was processed, said CLA President Mark Hudson, speaking at the CLA Game Fair which is being held at Belvoir Castle, the home of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland. 

“This increased interest is a superb opportunity for our farmers and growers and for our regional and local food producers as they work to some of the highest standards in the world,” he said. “However, it is still possible to walk into your local supermarket and pick up a product and be unclear exactly where the ingredients came from and where they were processed. People would greatly benefit from easy access to this information as it is an indicator of quality and the animal welfare and environmental credentials of the food they are buying for their families.”

“This is why the CLA will continue to lobby government and work with others in our sector until the UK consumer has access to a clear and consistent food origin labelling system.”