The Competition Commission (CC) could extend the deadline for the first document from its ongoing inquiry into the UK supermarket sector, a spokesperson for the CC told just-food.

The Commission was due to publish an update called the Emerging Thinking document by December, which would present the evidence collected so far.

But a CC spokesperson told just-food that due to the Christmas week next month, this document might instead be released in January.

He said: “We are still aiming to publish in December. But it is possible that if it is right at the end of December we will be publishing in the New Year.”

The inquiry, prompted by the Office of Fair Trading in May, has been given a maximum completion period of two years.

The Commission said it hopes to publish a Provisional Findings report in May 2007, followed by the final report a few months later, which could lead to measures being taken with respect to the consolidation of the UK food retailing sector by Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.