This year has seen fierce competition in the UK mini mint market. Last year’s launch of Trebor Mini Soft Mints by Cadbury Trebor Bassett forced counter measures by other mini mint producers.

Ferrero subsidiary TicTac, the original mini mint brand, introduced a new spearmint flavour, its first new flavour since 1978. £2.8m (US$4.3m) was invested in the launch of TicTac Spearmint, which was aimed at 18 to 30-year-olds. Ferrero was pleased with the success of the new flavour, which achieved total distribution of 41% in its first three months, reported The Grocer.

Smint, makers of the sugar-free mint, followed suit with the launch of a new wild berry flavour.

Nestlé’s Polo has reacted to the competition by launching a new logo and pack design.