A recent UK survey has concluded that the majority of consumers feel they do not have enough information to decide whether they would buy genetically modified foods or not.

58% of the 1000 people questioned in the survey, which was carried out by Nunwood Consulting Omnibus for The Grocer, said they would not buy GM foods. 33% said that they would buy GM foods, while the remainder said they were not sure.

74% of respondents said that they did not have enough information about GM foods.

The results were viewed very differently by opposing sides of the GM debate. Anti-GM groups, such as the Soil Association and Greenpeace, saw the survey as providing evidence that public opposition to GM foods is strong. GM supporters, however, thought that 33% in their favour was encouraging given the negative press that biotechnology receives.

This survey comes not long after a report by the Soil Association claimed that GM farming in the US has been an economic failure.

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