UK consumers currently buy 1.69bn sandwiches sold at an average price of GBP1.66 (US$3.15), making the ‘on the go’ sandwich market worth GBP2.8bn, according to the latest figures released by TNS.  

Over 19.7% of sandwiches are bought at work, often in canteens and staff shops. One-third of the market in value is accounted for by 25- to 34-year-olds.

There are regional differences in the market. The most sandwiches are bought in Yorkshire, where people spend an average of GBP114 each year, while the fewest sandwiches are bought in the South West, where, on average, people only spend GBP55 a year on sandwiches. London is home to the most expensive sandwiches, with the average price totalling GBP1.83.

Wraps account for 4% of the sandwich market. Over 30% of sandwiches have chicken as a filling, with cheese, ham, egg and tuna all making it into the top-five most popular sandwich fillings.