UK dairy Cricketer Farm has launched Cheeky Cow, a low-fat cheese brand.

“Normal cheddar cheese has 34% fat content, whereas this cheese has 16% fat content. With half the fat, it is a healthier cheddar,” sales and marketing manager Colin Davis told just-food. “We are trying to offer a healthy cheese that appeals to the whole family, rather than a specific dieter.”

While Cheeky Cow is a half-fat cheese, Davis insisted  its taste profile was comparable to regular fat cheddar. “The quality of Cheeky Cow means you can’t tell the difference.”

Davis revealed the company has secured listings for Cheeky Cow with Tesco – initially in 70 stores – and Spar UK. Cricketer Farm is also in discussions with other retail multiples, including Sainsbury’s, over further listings.