The Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd will be known as “Co-operative Group (CWS) Ltd” – the Co-operative Group for short from the start of the financial year, 14 January, 2001.

This historic name change follows the decision of the society’s Board which was overwhelmingly supported by members at a Special General Meeting on Saturday, 21 October 2000.

Explains CWS Secretary Nick Eyre: “The merger with CRS provided the ideal opportunity to review the society’s legal name, which over time has become less relevant as our business interests have diversified. The consensus was that the new name, Co-operative Group (CWS) Limited, best embraced the entire family of businesses whilst still retaining a link with the past.”

The name change does not affect the continuing use of the co-operative logo or any of the individual trading names and fascias of Co-operative Group retailing businesses.

For further information please contact:
Martin Henderson
Head of Public Relations
Co-operative Group (CWS) Limited Tel: 0161 827 5292