Dr Oetker has said it is “proud” of its pizzas, despite claims from UK consumer watchdog Which? that the company’s cheese and tomato line is one of the “unhealthiest” on the market.

A study by Which?, published today (20 January), revealed a “huge variation” in the calorie, fat, saturated fat and salt levels of pizzas on the market. In an analysis of 162 supermarket and takeaway cheese and tomato and pepperoni pizzas, Which? found that consumers could be eating “treble the fat and salt and up to five times as much saturated fat weight for weight for the same variety of pizza”.

Tesco‘s fresh Full on Flavour Cheese Feast Deep Crust Pizza, Dr Oetker’s frozen Chicago Town The Deep Dish Four Cheese Pizza and the Germany-based group’s frozen Chicago Town Edge to Edge Deep Pan New Orleans Pizza came out as the “unhealthiest pizzas per 100g”.

Moreover, it was Dr Oetker’s Chicago Town Edge to Edge Deep Pan Miami Meaty Pizza that was among the highest out of the pepperoni pizzas for both saturates and salt.

A spokesperson for Dr Oetker Chicago Town told just-food that its Edge 2 Edge range contains “more topping than any other pizza and does therefore have a higher fat content”. 

“We’re very proud of the pizzas that we make and of our taste credentials,” the spokesperson said. “We believe our consumers want great tasting products and for that reason we are unable at this time to further reduce the levels of fat. Our pizzas should be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet. We believe our consumers are discerning enough to make informed decisions.”

The firm said it is no longer using hydrogenated fat in its pizzas and is “constantly reviewing and working on” its range to reduce salt and fat.

The spokesperson added: “Published portion sizes currently vary across our frozen product portfolio as we have in the past taken different eating occasion considerations into account. We are currently reviewing all portion sizes and subsequent GDAs.”