Natural snack bar brand Eat Natural has launched its Mile High Bar for distribution on Virgin Atlantic flights and in retail outlets in or near airports.

The Mile High Bar has been designed for consumption at high altitude, the company said, and the recipe includes cranberries, walnuts and goji berries.

The Eat Natural Mile High Bars will initially be available on Virgin Atlantic flights from December, but will also shortly be available to retail outlets operating near and in airports.

Charles Vine, Brand Alliances team, Virgin Atlantic commented: “Our mission is to enhance any and every aspect of a passenger’s time with us by sprinkling it with as many brands that sit well with Virgin Atlantic as possible. We sought out Eat Natural, as it’s a fun, entertaining and innovative food company to work with, that fits our mantra for ‘80% natural; 20% indulgence’ perfectly.  But more than this, it’s a brand that shares similar values to Virgin Atlantic and one that we intend to form a long term alliance, moving forward.”