Eat Natural is moving into the breakfast category with the launch of four toasted muesli mixes next month in the UK.

The two gluten-free and two non-gluten-free recipes are being launched in a bid to grow the muesli category by GBP5m (US7.8m) in the next two to three years, the company said.

The gluten-free range includes a raisin, almonds, mixed seeds and crispy rice option. The non gluten range includes a toasted oats, cape gooseberries and pecans product.

“For us its all about creating some excitement around breakfast through a range of toasted muesli mixes that really offer something new, different and unique for consumers at this time,” said a spokesperson for Eat Natural.

“We want to take breakfast beyond utility to a much tastier, special and indulgent place and create  products that reflect this in their more premium, more natural and better tasting credentials.”

Tesco will be the first to list the two gluten-free mixes from 17 May and Waitrose and Asda will follow with two non-gluten mixes in June.