eDiets.com, Inc. (OTCBB:EDET), the world’s leading subscription-based online diet center, today announced a joint venture with Unislim Limited, a leading weight-management company based in Ireland. The new company, eDiets Europe Limited (eDiets Europe), began marketing eDiets’ personalized diet programs to UK consumers in April 2001 via its Internet site www.eDietsUK.co.uk.

eDiets.com also announced that eDiets Europe began a marketing partnership to promote eDiets with Taste Network Limited – a joint venture between J Sainsbury plc, a leading supermarket chain in the UK and Carlton Communications plc, a major European media company. Through this partnership, the eDiets program will be marketed both online and through broadcast television throughout the UK and Ireland in 2001.

“Today we have eDiets members from over 30 countries accessing our US Web site,” said David Humble, chairman and CEO of eDiets US. “It’s a natural step for us to bring our service and support to participating consumers from these other countries, and in their native language. Launching our online diet programs throughout the UK and Ireland are only the first steps in our long range plan to become the world’s foremost nutritional advisor.”

“The launch of eDiets Europe has taken the UK weight-loss industry into the 21st century, and is intended to become an indispensable tool for the many millions of UK and Ireland-based consumers seeking to improve their diet and fitness going forward,” said Ciaran McCourt, CEO of eDiets Europe. “The UK is the world’s second largest weight-management market behind the US and, with Taste playing an integral role, we now deliver our online consumer benefits of personalization, convenience and privacy to this previously untapped marketplace – benefits that are difficult to replicate in conventional offline centers such as those popularized by WEIGHT WATCHERS® and other brick-and-mortar diet companies.”

About eDiets.com

eDiets.com is a business-to-consumer subscription model and the leading subscription-based online diet center. The Company provides consumers with professional diet advice and information exclusively online, and operates a Support Center available to members 24/7. Members receive custom daily meal and fitness plans, attend online meetings, and are provided with a custom shopping-list to take to the supermarket. The Company also publishes eDiets News, and distributes it online to a subscription base of more than 4,800,000 subscribers. eDiets.com was named a Forbes “Best of the Web” fitness and nutrition Web site for the year 2000.

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About Unislim

Established in 1972, Unislim is the largest independent diet organization in Ireland. There are currently approximately 500 weekly classes run throughout Ireland, with approximately 400,000 attendances annually and 200 non-territorial franchisees. Unislim is based in Dublin, Ireland.

About Taste

Taste Network Limited is a Joint Venture between Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Limited a subsidiary of J Sainsbury plc and Carlton Communications plc. Taste Network has brought together Carlton’s Simplyfood website, the Carlton Food Network TV Channel and Sainsbury’s food and drink heritage from its Tasteforlife website to create ‘Taste’ (www.taste.co.uk) the UK’s leading drink and food portal featuring over 10,000 recipes, 44 celebrity chefs and Taste CFN TV, which launches in Spring 2001. From Spring 2001, Carlton Food Network will be re-branded as Taste, thus creating a totally integrated food and drink multi media business. This will allow viewers to watch their favorite cooking shows, download the latest recipes, check out new restaurants and order food and drink on the TV and the Internet. In addition viewers will in time be able to place orders for their home shopping, delivered by ‘Sainsburys to You’.

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