EFSIS, the leading independent third party inspection and certification specialist, has introduced a new service for the packaging industry, following the launch of the Standard for Food Packaging Materials.

The service sees EFSIS, accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to European Standard EN45011, providing packaging companies with inspections and certifications against the new Standard.

EFSIS Business Development Manager, Paul Ruocco, said: “We believe we are in an excellent position to offer inspection and certification against the Standard due to our expertise in all areas of the food industry, from bakery to beverages. We will be applying this expertise to the various packaging techniques and products manufactured for food processing companies.”

Developed in conjunction with the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the Institute of Packaging (IOP), the Standard will be used world-wide, to assist retailers and food manufacturers in their fulfilment of legal obligations with regard to packaging materials for food products.

Paul Ruocco, commented: “It is anticipated by the industry that the Standard will become the benchmark by which inspections are undertaken and will supersede other schemes currently available such as hygiene inspections currently used in the packaging industry.”

Packaging suppliers will be required to adopt formal Hazard analysis and documented technical management systems, together with the control of factory environmental standards, products, processes and personnel.

EFSIS Operations Manager, Alan Campbell, who is an expert in packaging technology, has worked with the BRC and IOP in the development of the Standard. He has also put together a team of trained EFSIS inspectors who specialise in the packaging industry.

EFSIS currently provide a comprehensive range of inspection and certification services to the food industry, including Accredited Supplier Inspections, Health and Safety Inspections, ISO 9000 Assessments, HACCP Certification, Beef Labelling verification, Accredited Foodservice Inspections, Store Inspections, Social Accountability audits together with certification and inspection of a wide range of farm assurance schemes, including EUREPGAP, Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb, Assured British Pigs, and Assured Produce.

Paul Ruocco concluded: “We are delighted to see the introduction of such a rigorous standard for the packaging industry. We look forward to working with the new companies alongside our existing customers in the retail and food manufacturing industries, demonstrating our total commitment to raising food safety standards.”