A combination of eating high protein foods, such as eggs, and light resistance training could reduce the incidence of Sarcopenia, or the loss of muscle mass that occurs in the elderly, according to the British Egg Information Service.

Citing the latest research from the US, the egg promotion group said Sarcopenia can have far-reaching health consequences for elderly people.

“Everyone knows about the risk of fractures from osteoporosis, but risk from Sarcopenia is usually overlooked.  Sarcopenia results in loss of muscle strength and subsequently loss of balance that often results in falls and fractures. Patients are then hospitalised/immobilised, during which time their Sarcopenia is exacerbated,” said Cath Macdonald, nutritionist for the British Egg Information Service.

The group said that rather than being avoided, egg consumption among the elderly should be encouraged.

“While coronary risk factors for the general population have been identified and accepted, the same may not be true for elderly people. The widely accepted low fat diet for the general population can lead to poor calorie intake and nutrient deficiencies for the elderly,” the British Egg Information Service said.