Fayrefield Foods, the UK’s largest independent dairy company, has launched a cholesterol-lowering cheese brand. The company says heartfelt+ is a fully flavoured 12% fat cheese.

Heartfelt+ cheese has been specifically developed to help people who want to lower their cholesterol and maintain a healthy diet, a statement said.
Chris Swire, commercial director at Fayrefield Foods said: “It is notoriously difficult to produce a cheese that has a good taste, while matching the requirements of a cholesterol lowering diet, so we are delighted with the development of heartfelt+.  It will help consumers to maintain the necessary dietary controls and still be able to enjoy cheese.”
Heartfelt+ contains Reducol, an ingredient known for lowering cholesterol safely and naturally. 
Heartfelt+ is the first proprietary brand containing Reducol to be launched in the UK, although a range of cholesterol lowering foods containing Reducol was launched under the Tesco brand in January 2006. 
Chris Swire said: “With expertise in dairy trading, brand management, innovation, food technologies and product development, Fayrefield has become the partner of choice for producing companies throughout Europe.  The new heartfelt+ cheese is a really innovative product and it is a real bonus for people who want to lower their cholesterol.” 
Heartfelt+ is available in ASDA stores from 8th May and the 200g pack retails at £1.98.