The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has been selected to receive funding from The Carbon Trust to champion cost effective ways to improve energy efficiency in the food industry.

“UK food and drink manufacturers have long recognised the importance of progress towards sustainable development. We’re keen to build on the good work our members have already undertaken in reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency, and look forward to working with the Carbon Trust on these projects,” Melanie Leech, FDF Director General, commented.

The FDF has said it will focus on cutting down electricity used in refrigeration machinery and investigating new opportunities for heat recovery in the food-canning sector. “There are two different projects,” Jenna Frost of the Carbon Trust told just-food.

“The bigger one looks at carbon emissions from refrigeration. The FDF will gather and evaluate data, conduct a series of workshops for businesses and feed data back to 1,500 sites. The second project will look at how energy is used in canning.”

The funding is part of the Networks Programme run by the Carbon Trust, which uses trade and professional bodies, trade unions and industry organisations to reach businesses working within specific industries and help them achieve demonstrable carbon savings.

“Our work with the Food and Drink Federation and with other trade and professional bodies is an important part of our overall role in helping businesses and public sector organisations cut carbon emissions… we look forward to supporting the Federation as they encourage businesses to reduce carbon emissions,” Karen Germain, networks manager at the Carbon Trust, said.