Food grown biodynamically, all of which is organic, has consistently been rated very highly in terms of flavour, nutritional value, the ability to stay fresh longer, and the absence of chemical contaminants.

The essence of Biodynamics is a “good old days” approach in which the individual family farm is the basic unit of agricultural activity. Each farm aims to be self sufficient, having both animals and crops, and growing enough fodder for its own stock. Farmers always leave some land fallow, and also maintain wildlife areas for maximum biodiversity.

Using fruits, meats and vegetables which have been grown biodynamically, Bio Bambini baby food, new to the UK, will be available in 18 varieties, in two sizes, and with products for babies from 4, 6 and 8 months old. Prices will range from 49-79p per jar.

Bio Bambini is produced by Sunval in Germany, in an area where there is a long established tradition of farming biodynamically (and organically). Going into the shops in January, the products will certified by the Soil Association in partnership with DEMETER, the leading certifying body for biodynamic foods in Europe.

Sunval have been producing biodynamic baby food for the past 45 years. Its range includes fruit and vegetable juices and drinks, main courses and desserts, all of which are already sold successfully throughout continental Europe.

Biodynamic farming is relatively new to the UK but has a proven track record in Europe over 75 years. It is the oldest non-chemical agricultural movement, pre-dating the organic agriculture movement in the UK by some 20 years.