A UK chip shop has introduced edible trays to help cut down litter and reduce the use of polystyrene.

The cartons, which are made from an edible potato starch, are being tested at a fish and chip shop in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire, reports ananova.com.

The shop’s owner, Peter Piponides, said the trays can be eaten and are not harmful in any way.

“One person who tested the tray said it was a bit like eating a sherbet disc, because they are quite chewy,” Piponides is quoted by Ananova as saying.

“It is possible that the company which produces them might want to add salt and vinegar or garlic flavours to make them a bit more tasty. I’ve even tried frying a carton and it tasted good, just like prawn crackers.”

Piponides said his reason for using the trays was to cut down on the use of polystyrene, which ends up in landfill sites. He has also assured that the new trays will not cost more to his customers.

The edible, biodegradable packaging is produced by the Somerset-based Potato Plate Company.