UK food industry body the Food and Drink Federation has responded to the Department of Education’s announcement on food standards in schools by offering support to the principle of educating children about healthy diets but expressing disappointment that certain foods have been banned from schools.


Highlighting the role that the industry played in the formation of policy through the consultation process, FDF director general Melanie Leech said: “The UK food and drink manufacturing industry fully supports the Government’s drive to improve the standards of school meals, and played a constructive part in the school food consultation process.”


However, Leech continued, the FDF opposes a ban of unhealthy foods from schools. “FDF regrets that the standards ban certain foods from being vended in schools. Positive actions are always more effective than prescription,” she suggested.


“FDF continues to be committed to a ‘whole school approach’.  Educating children about diet and health will help them better understand the range of information and choices available to them both within and outside the school gates.”


Meanwhile, manufacturers who see potential for growth arising from the decision have reacted much more favourably.


Nut and savoury snack manufacturer Sun Valley reacted to the news with the release of two new products in the company’s You Are What You Eat range. The snack products, made of nuts dried fruit and seeds, will be available in school vending machines and tuck shops, the company said.


Jonathan Bar of Sun Valley commented: “The Government initiative has been designed to raise the standard of school food and drink and its an enterprise we wholeheartedly support.”