“Let’s face it, the Code was never going to please everyone. We would have liked to see it tightened up – still feel it’s a little woolly in places, even though we’ve had meetings with the OFT and responded to their consultations. However, we are pleased that some of our points have been taken on board:

· Trade Associations can complain on behalf of their members

· the Code will apply to all manufacturers – large or small (before there was a cut off point for those with a turnover greater than £450 million)

· The cost of mediation will be bourne by the retailers.

· Some of the terms are better defined (improved, not perfect): the role of the mediator is better explained and some attempt has been made to define ‘reasonableness’.

We are disappointed that:

· the Code does not apply to all retailers and wholesalers. We would like to see a level playing field.

Overwhelmingly though our view is: this is it – now we’ve got to make it work.”

Martin Paterson, Deputy Director General, Food and Drink Federation