The UK’s Food Standards Agency has announced that it has launched a new website portal to help food law enforcers carry out their work more effectively and easily. 

The FSA said the portal, located on its website, will serve as an online one-stop shop, giving access to essential information about food law enforcement.

The site has been designed after extensive consultation with local authorities and other stakeholders about how to better serve the needs of food law enforcers.

“We hope that this portal will make it much easier for enforcers to find whatever it is they need in the click of a mouse,” said David Statham, the FSA’s director of enforcement and food standards.

“We will be bringing more information and services online as they become available, and we’re really keen to hear from users about any suggestions they have for improving the service.”

The FSA is also planning to launch a new section on imported food in the next few weeks, with information for consumers, food businesses and enforcers.

Subjects already covered include food alerts, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), audits, food sampling, approval and licensing.