The UK’s Food Standards Agency has awarded Parity Solutions a six-figure contract to redesign its web site. As more and more consumers log on to the Internet, the Agency intends its site to be a first-stop source of information on food scares and issues such as aflatoxin and foot and mouth, as well a repository for general information on food safety and health.

The Agency already has a website at, but it is aimed primarily at the scientific community, food industry and press. Parity will redesign it to better target the needs of consumers.

“We see ourselves as a consumer watchdog, so we needed a site that reflected that image, which members of the public would feel comfortable using,” said Neil Martinson, head of communications at The Food Standards Agency.

“This site is a key point of contact for any member of the public with a food or health query, so it’s important that up-to-date information can be found instantly,” said Heather Moore, chief operating officer at Parity Solutions.

It is good to see government departments waking up to the information-sharing opportunities offered by the Internet. While it should not replace more conventional information dissemination methods, the Internet’s usefulness as a knowledge-sharing tool is growing fast, particularly among younger consumers.

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