Software company FoodWare Ltd, which specialises in advanced applications for the food and grocery industry, yesterday [Monday] announced the launch of – a software offering designed to provide powerful recipe finding and meal planning capabilities for any website or Internet-enabled kitchen appliance.

Based in Ringwood, Hampshire, FoodWare has developed the software over two years. It allows users to quickly find recipes based on popular user criteria such as ingredients, food intolerances, cooking time and calorie count.

In addition, FoodWare provides industry-leading personalisation capabilities, full nutrition analysis, intelligent scaling and a targeted advertising and promotions engine. The personalisation features include personal cookbooks, meal and diet planners and automated shopping-lists, as part of a comprehensive meal planning service.

FoodWare’s Marketing Director Suna Jones, commented: “This is the world’s most powerful recipe finder and meal planner.

“It’s a marketer’s dream to generate loyalty by solving customers’ daily problems, implement a promotion in minutes, provide innovative new media services on recipes, health, diet, nutrition and lifestyle cooking, as well as gaining a wealth of data on customer behaviour and personalisation requirements.”

FoodWare’s functionality can be delivered to consumer via websites, mobile phones, personal digital devices and internet-enabled or stand-alone kitchen appliances.

The software offering is expected to draw particular interest from grocers, food manufacturers, appliance manufacturers and community groups who wish to develop their online user base, increase website traffic, ‘site stickiness’ and revenue, or increase product usage.

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