Consumers in the South East will have a key opportunity to have their say on what happens to their food from farm to fork when the Food Standards Agency (FSA) visits the region this month.

The Food Standards Agency is funding a seminar, organised by the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA), to be held in the Observatory, Chatham Maritime.

The seminar will enable the Agency to find out consumers’ views and build these into its response to the Policy Commission on Farming and Food (PCFF).  The PCFF has been set up by the Government to look at the future of farming and food production. The Food Standards Agency has an important role to play in ensuring that the widest range of consumer views is reflected in this important debate.

A new interactive website at: has also been launched by the Food Standards Agency for people to put forward their views, to be used by the Agency when making its submission to the PCFF. 

Food Standards Agency deputy chair, Suzi Leather, said: “The Food Standards Agency wants to know what the people of the South East really think about their food and the way it is produced. We want to encourage consumers to give their views in a direct and inclusive debate, which they can do either through our talkfood website or in person at one of the regional seminars.”

Similar events are being held across the country.  Issues to be discussed include:

  • What influences your choice of food?
  • What factors influence the safety of food?
  • Would you like to buy food produced in different ways?

SEEDA Rural Sector Director, Valerie Carter, said:  “Local food production and marketing are vital to the health of our rural economy and the maintenance of the landscape we enjoy in the South East. Working with the Food Standards Agency, SEEDA are pleased to be able to host this seminar to help our understanding of consumers’ concerns about food and how it is produced. Only in recognising these can we ensure that our rural producers can meet the future needs of a discerning public.”

The Food Standards Agency was set up in April 2000 to protect people’s health and the interests of consumers in relation to food safety and standards. Further information can be found at

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