The UK’s Food Standards Agency has issued further warnings as a part of its continuing investigation into products on the UK market containing the chemical dye Sudan I. 

The FSA said it has found contaminated chilli powder containing Sudan I in frozen meat products manufactured by Blackburn-based firm Khan Quality Foods.

These products have been sold at small retail outlets, including butchers and corner shops in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Greater Manchester and the London area. Further details can be found here.

The FSA said Sudan I could cause cancer if contaminated products were eaten regularly and over a long period of time.

Since July, the FSA has been investigating which food products in the UK could have been affected by contaminated chilli powder. It is understood that three chilli suppliers in India had been adulterating their chilli powder with Sudan I. More than 70 contaminated products have been withdrawn from sale and recalled in the UK so far.