The UK’s Food Standards Agency has updated an earlier warning issued as part of its investigation into food products on the UK market that may contain the chemical dye Sudan I, which is suspected of causing cancer.

The FSA warned in September last year, based on information from food supplier TRS Wholesale Company, that certain batches of two of the company’s products – Tandoori Masala Barbecue Ground Spice and Tandoori Barbecue Spice – might contain this illegal dye.

Information has since emerged which indicates that all batches of these products, with ‘Best Before’ dates up to and including July 2005, could be contaminated with Sudan I. Also, another TRS product, Tandoori Masala Natural Clear Powder, with the same ‘Best Before’ dates, is also likely to be affected.

The products have been on sale in the manufacturer’s own TRS cash and carry outlets in Southall, Bethnal Green and Walthamstow in London. TRS has also distributed them widely throughout the UK to other retailers, cash and carry stores, caterers and manufacturers.

The FSA said there is no immediate threat of illness from eating food containing Sudan I. People most at risk would be those eating contaminated products regularly and over a long period of time.