The UK’s Food Standards Agency has said its surveys have shown that salt levels in pizzas, baked beans and canned pasta can vary significantly.

The FSA said that although reductions have been made by some manufacturers since the surveys were conducted, levels still need to decrease substantially across the full range of processed foods in order to reach the FSA’s target of reducing salt consumption to 6 grams a day by 2010. On average, adults are currently consuming about 9.5g a day.

“Foods such as baked beans, spaghetti and pizza are products which families rely on. 75% of our daily salt intake comes from salt hidden in products such as these, and not from salt that we add ourselves,” said Sir John Krebs, chair of the FSA.

“The fact that the salt in one can of baked beans, or a pizza, can vary so dramatically indicates that manufacturers can reduce the amount of salt they add to these products. The Food Standards Agency wants to see more substantial reductions in salt in food products,” he added.

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