The UK’s Food Standards Agency has advised consumers that some pies in batches of three brands of fruit pies have been found to contain mould.

The FSA said the situation is believed to have occurred because a preservative was left out during the production process that resulted in the mould growing. 

The three affected brands, all made by Manor Bakeries, are Mr Kipling Six Fruit Selection Dessert Pies, Asda Six Assorted Fruit Pies and Tesco Summer Fruit Pies, all of which have UK wide distribution.

The FSA said that whilst the products are believed to have been removed from the shelves, people could still have them at home as the best before dates are up to 11 June. There are nearly a million pies in total in the three batches.

“Whilst eating the mouldy pies is unlikely to be a significant health risk, it could be unpleasant and there have been at least 28 consumer complaints received by local authorities so far,” the FSA said.

For full details of the affected products, click here.