A further case of classical swine fever has been confirmed on a farm in one of the current surveillance zones in Norfolk. This is the first case to be confirmed since the 12th August. Samples were taken from the farm on the 31st August and confirmed positive today. There are various possible links to the previous cases which are currently being investigated. There are about 1000 pigs on the farm which will be slaughtered in the next couple of days.

A further infected area will be brought into place at 5pm today. Much of this overlaps an existing infected area and as a result a number of farms at the edge of the previous area will be placed under restriction; many others may remain under restriction for longer than previously envisaged.

Following meetings with Baroness Hayman and Ministry officials, Agriculture Minister Nick Brown today said:

“This shows the importance of the infected areas and testing procedures because of the incubation period of the disease. These measures are necessary to protect the industry as a whole.

The National Farmers Union and the National Pig Association are coming to see me this evening at their request to discuss the economic consequences of the movement restrictions.

The present circumstances have been reported to the Commission and will be discussed at the regular meeting of the Standing Veterinary Committee which takes place tomorrow.”

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