The English Beef and Lamb Executive (Eblex) has greeted the end of the OTM export ban on animals over 30-months-old with a GBP5.5m (US$9.8m) campaign funded by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs.

The three-year campaign will be launched this March. It will include a GBP2.5m advertising campaign, with television beef and lamb adverts and press adverts in women’s magazines and Sunday supplements. GBP1m will be spent on providing retailers, butchers and food outlets with promotional offers in the UK. A programme of events designed to encourage consumption overseas and increase export opportunities will receive GBP1.7m, while GBP300,000 will be dedicated to supporting producers through educational seminars.

Head of marketing for Eblex, Andrew Garvey, said: “With the ending of OTM we have the opportunity to further increase awareness of the Quality Standard Mark – the industry’s brand – sell Quality Standard beef mince on to the market and let people make positive choices about what they buy. The ending of the export ban will also offer a big boost to our export opportunities to countries which love more mature beef cuts.”