Geac Enterprise Solutions, a worldwide supplier of enterprise management software to the mid-market food industry, today launched an intensive awareness campaign in the form of a series of fact files to educate and inform mid-market companies about e-business. The fact files are available at

E-business is not only changing the way companies do business; it is also having a direct impact on the IT infrastructure necessary to support the business. The fact files, developed in conjunction with IBM, are an invaluable quick reference guide to provide companies with the essential knowledge to get ahead and begin their e-trading.

Bertrand Sciard, MD Geac Enterprise Solutions Europe, comments, “Our campaign with IBM is intended to simultaneously educate about the kinds of solutions Geac can provide, and present mid-market businesses with a checklist of the areas they should be considering in taking their companies into the New Economy.”

With topics ranging from security to collaboration, scalability and optimising existing assets, the fact files highlight that actually doing business over the web means integrating through to sales, inventory, suppliers, production and accounts. “Companies sometimes fail to realise that by not integrating their web store-front to core business processes they are actually driving their costs up. Full integration will drive their costs down, improve responsiveness to customers, and increase efficiency” said Sciard.

The alliance with IBM couples Geac’s food industry expertise and leadership position as a software provider to the sector with System21, with IBM’s e-business technology leadership, and clarifies their strength as e-business solutions provider.

The initiative will run in conjunction with a web campaign that combines advice and commentary about e-business solutions. The website will also feature customer case studies so that visitors can read more about how companies such as Hazelwood Foods are already benefiting from the integrated end-to-end e-business solutions Geac provides.

For further details of the initiative and to receive a copy of the ’21 Essential facts for e-business in the food industry’ visit