General Mills is targeting the healthy snack market with the launch of its latest product under the Nature Valley brand in the UK.

In a bid to turn the cereal bars into a “grazing occasion”, the firm has introduced Nature Valley Crunchy Bites – bite-sized pieces of its bars in a re-sealable “grazing bag”.

Available in two flavours – Oats & Honey and Oats and Chocolate, the launch is a response to feedback the firm received which suggested consumers enjoyed cereal bars as a snack but sometimes didn’t want to eat a whole bar.

“We’ve listened to our consumers and we understand they are snacking more frequently and looking for more flexible options. Our new Nature Valley Crunchy Bites directly meet consumers’ needs for a grazing format that they can dip into any time they are feeling peckish. The Nature Valley brand is currently growing faster than the overall Healthier Biscuits category and we are confident this launch has great sales potential, so we encourage retailers to stock up and really get behind it,” said Paul White, marketing manager, Nature Valley.

Nature Valley Crunchy Bites has an RSP of GBP1.99 (US$3.40).