Delamere Dairy, the UK-based manufacturer of goats milk products, has broadened its range to include sheep milk lines.

The company is launching yogurt and cheese made with sheep milk, with the business eyeing rising consumer interest in protein. Delamere Dairy said sheep milk contains “50% more protein than cows’ and goats’ milk”.

Ed Salt, the MD of Delamere Dairy, said: “The benefits associated with sheep milk products are very similar to our goats’ milk range, as well as being a great source of protein, which is very topical at the moment.”

Delamere Dairy’s Natural Sheep Yogurt and Sheep Cheese are launching into the health trade this month. The business has put forward a recommended retail price for the 450g yogurt of GBP2.50 (US$3.09). The cheese, sold in 150g wedges, has a recommended price of GBP3.75.

The company said national listings will “follow at the beginning of 2017”.

Asked to confirm which retailers will stock the lines next year, a spokesperson said: “I can’t say yet as it hasn’t launched.”