The NFU has welcomed the announcement of the setting up of a Government-industry forum on non-foods uses of crops.

The task force, consisting of representatives from Government, academics, farmers, and a range of industrial experts, has been formed to stimulate greater awareness, uptake and utilisation of non-food uses of crops.

One of the members on the forum is Dr David Carmichael, who although acting in an independent capacity, is a member of NFU’s Alternative Crop Uses Group, the Biotechnology Working Group and the NFU’s sugar beet committee.

NFU President Ben Gill said: “The NFU has pressed for such a forum for some time. Hopefully it will channel resources more effectively for Government action on non-food crops.

“Non-food crops have the potential to provide an important additional source of income for farmers.

“The forum should help overcome current barriers such as a lack of co-ordination between growers and researchers as well as regulation within the industry.”

Crops such as hemp, flax and oilseeds can be used to produce industrial materials, oils and fibres.

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