Greenpeace yesterday released results of a survey into where consumers can buy GM-free turkeys this Christmas. The full survey results are available on the internet (www.greenpeace,

Of the top UK supermarkets, only Iceland and Co-op were found to offer GM-free own brand turkeys.  Marks and Spencer offer free range turkeys that are GM-free.  Other GM free brands include Kelly Bronze and all organic turkeys.

Well-known brands found to be feeding GM crops to their turkeys include Bernard Matthews, Buxted, Butterball, Brandons and Twydale. Supermarkets whose own brand turkeys are fed on GM include Somerfield and Safeway.

ASDA, Tesco and Sainsbury are currently feeding GM crops to their turkeys but have made a commitment to Greenpeace that they will stop the practice as soon as possible.

The research is featured in the Greenpeace ‘Shoppers Guide to GM’ which is available online and through the post. It is part of a special Christmas feature – with information not only about turkeys, but also on where to buy GM-free mince pies, Christmas puddings and cakes.

Greenpeace GM Campaigner Emma Gibson said, “Most people don’t know that despite massive public rejection (1), GM is still being sneaked into our food by being dumped into the feed of animals like turkeys”.

“This good news is that more and more producers are going GM free in animal feed and there are plenty of places that you can buy GM free turkeys this Christmas”.


  1. AN NOP poll conducted for Greenpeace in September 2000 found that 67% of those polled were opposed to farm animals being fed GM crops.  90% believed that food derived from animals fed on GM should be labelled as such.

For more information visit the Greenpeace Shoppers Guide to GM online at  Alternatively call the Press Office on 0207 865 8255/6/7.  Out of hours call pager 0336 787076