UK food and grocery think-tank IGD has launched a new guide which aims to help British farmers and small food producers tap into the £33bn (US$62.2bn) foodservice market.

The IGD brought together seven of the largest UK foodservice companies, and supporting organisations, to help demystify the sector and explain the opportunities in a new guide – “Understanding foodservice opportunities for farmers and small food producers”.

“With seven out of ten people in the UK wanting to buy local food, there is a groundswell of activity re-invigorating the image of British food and there are great opportunities for domestic food producers and processors to exploit this growing interest. However, it is still rare to find farmers or regional food producers who are specifically targeting foodservice,” said IGD chief executive Joanne Denney-Finch.

“Foodservice companies are now actively looking to expand their domestic food offer and we hope this guide will help to bridge the divide between farming and foodservice, enabling both to meet halfway and to mutual advantage. Those farmers and regional producers who rise to the challenge, dedicating themselves to this sector and differentiating their products and service, will reap the rewards through growth and profitability,” she added.