With four new houses up for grabs, consumers are expected to respond positively to Heinz’s promotion, which will run across its core canned range. The campaign should particularly resonate with 18-30 year olds who are becoming increasingly frustrated by the need to reside in the parental home.  

Heinz’s new promotion, devised around a £3.5m (US$5.6m) budget, begins in October and is expected to run until April 2004. By offering a life changing prize the company hopes the promotion will create a renewed buzz in the category as well as tapping into aspirations relating to homes and standard of living.

A cradle device inside cans of beans, spaghetti hoops and soup will show participants if they have a winning can. Other smaller prizes, such as a branded bean plate or soup bowl in exchange for promotional labels, have also been included to maintain consumer interest over the six month period.

Promotional support will come in the form of national TV advertising scheduled for the middle of October. This will be backed by press ads in women’s titles and Internet activity, which is set to run until February.

The TV commercials show a removal van being packed while an excited family watches. As the men load up a removal box, mum rushes forward with a can of Heinz Beans and it becomes apparent that every box is full of the cans. The ‘Win a Home with Heinz’ tagline appears as the lorry drives past a new house.

Heinz should ensure that the promotional effort is specifically communicated to 18-30 year olds. For the vast majority of young adults, living in the parental home does not fully reflect their aspirations and desires for independence and many can be considered ‘homebounders’. The homebounder does not willingly remain in the family home, but is living there only because it is too expensive to move out.

By tapping into these emotions with such a highly relevant prize, Heinz could use its latest promotion to attract an audience that is often considered the most illusive and important in the packaged goods industry.  

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