Food giant Heinz has launched a premium tomato sauce in a bid to cater for consumers with “more sophisticated taste buds”.

Heinz Special Blend Tomato Sauce, to hit the shelves from mid-April, is aimed at attracting more “adventurous” cooks, and will be available in a 325g glass bottle to give it a more “luxurious” feel.

“Driven by a heightened awareness for wellbeing, there is a growing interest in premium products, and more specialist ingredients,” said Caroline Clarke, marketing manager of Heinz tomato ketchup.  “Heinz Special Blend Tomato Sauce responds to these demands and is the ideal condiment for families who want a more sophisticated table sauce to match their palate.”

Each sauce contains twelve tomatoes along with spices and ingredients such as sea salt, Demerara sugar, cayenne pepper and lemon juice.

Retail price will be GBP1.75 (US3.47) and support for the launch will roll out in April with a PR campaign.

“Following extensive consumer research and an in-depth assessment of the sauces category, a raft of new products will be unveiled in conjunction with new category management strategies to improve range and merchandising in-store,” said Clarke.

The tomato ketchup market is valued at GBP126m and is growing at 5% year on year. Heinz Tomato Ketchup has an 81.4% share of these sales.