Heinz, the market leader in the baked beans category, told just-food that since acquiring HP its first move will be to relaunch HP Baked Beans to the convenience and impulse category.

“The new reduced salt recipe and refreshed packaging means consumers can continue to enjoy these great value beans, which have been price marked to help drive average weight of purchase through independent and convenience stores,” a spokesperson for Heinz told just-food.

Price marked packs will be introduced as a trial offering, the company said. Convenience and impulse stores will be supplied with price marked beans, giving independent retailers the opportunity to offer the brand at a competitive price.

The new packaging reflects the familiar HP design to maintain the high levels of recognition and customer loyalty the brand enjoys. However, the recipe has been altered slightly to reduce levels of salt in response to consumer research.

Nicky Cummerfield, brand manager, HP Baked Beans said: “HP Baked Beans gives convenience and independent retailers a chance to offer consumers HP beans at great value prices, while enjoying good returns from the strong margin offered by one of the UK’s well known brands. Consumers can continue to enjoy the flavour they know and love, and enjoy the health benefits of a recipe with less salt. This is just the first activity Heinz is undertaking with the newly acquired HP beans brand.”